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Fuego Split-soles: Pink & Perfect for Ballet Practice! @ellatitus

Looking for the perfect sneaks for all your dance girlies? Take a style note from Miami City Ballet dancer Ella Titus. She trusts her pro toes to the most “adorable” pink contemporary dance sneakers: Fuego Split-soles. While Ella is on pointe for much of the year, in the off season, she stays busy & active teaching dance classes in our high-quality ballet footwear, and she knows Fuego’s bendable workout sneakers are her perfect supportive shoes for dance classes. Our Split-soles come in 6 colors, but many ballerinas choosae our ballet sneakers in pink because they remind them of their slippers! All Fuego styles are the best shoes for dance lessons, and our flexible Split-soles are your perfect pink contemporary dance sneakers.

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