What To Pack For Your Next Dance Festival

What To Pack For Your Next Dance Festival

The Essentials for Every Dancer this Festival SZN

Don’t leave home without your flyest moves + these 9 must-have items.

  1. Comfy AF clothes

What’s hotter than your moves? This summer’s heat index. 🥵 Make sure you’ve packed lots of lightweight, loose-fitting tops in breathable materials (cotton, mesh), plus soft & stretchy shorts, moisture-wicking leggings, and enough socks & undies to last the entire fest.


  1. Your fave 🔥 dance sneaks: Fuegos!

You can’t perform at your best if you’re not rockin’ your most comfortable kicks, engineered for movin’ & groovin’ on any surface. Be sure to bring all the sneaks you need for your style(s) of dance: High-Tops, Split-Soles, and Low-Tops  – whichever Fuegos fit your flow, get ‘em in that bag! 


  1. Slides or sandals

Of course, you can rock your Fuegos the entire festival & look fresh as Hell, but for walking around your hotel room or a quick run to the ice maker or a public shower, pack a pair of cool slides or sandals.


  1. Stepped-up sun protection

Pack a sweat-resistant sunscreen with a HIGH SPF (15 ain’t gonna cut it!), a collapsable wide-brimmed hat, UV-blocking 😎 shades, and if you’re especially fair skinned or prone to burning, a protective lightweight shirt or jacket.


  1. Water bottle & snacks!

#DehydratedDancer is never a cute look: pack an insulated water bottle to stay hydrated & cool all weekend long. Also highly recommended: your fave light bites! High-protein & high-fiber snacks like nuts, granola bars, jerky, or roasted chickpeas will keep you fueled + help you focus on your 🔥 flow.


  1. Portable charger

Don’t risk the dreaded 1% phone battery – pack a backup power source! Gotta capture & share those moments for the ‘gram, right?!


  1. Lightweight backpack 

Be ready to move by stashing your stuff all in one place. Bring a lightweight backpack to stash away your stuff and keep it safe & secure while you’re breakin’ it down. Bonus: your arms & hands are free for spontaneous movement🎒


  1. Costumes & themed fits!

Check the festival dress code & make sure you’ve got all your looks ready to roll! Have fun with your style: it’s time to go bold with your moves, your fashion, and your attitude. A summer dance fest is also the perfect time to break out your flashiest Fuegos: rock those RED High-Tops, or shine a light on your footwork in our NEW silver sneaks!


  1. *Positive Vibes*

It’s time to connect, learn, share, MOVE, and be inspired: embrace the opportunity to its fullest! Bring an open mind, presence, focus, enthusiasm & gratitude. 🙏

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